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I was born 2 weeks before the start of the space age – the launch of the first artificial Earth satellite, so since childhood I dreamed of learning how to create spacecraft. Therefore, after graduating from Moscow high school with a medical bias (she was in the courtyard of my house), in the same year he entered the Faculty of Aircraft (now – the Aerospace Institute) of the Moscow Aviation Institute (MAI). After military service in the Soviet Army in 1977-1979, he returned to Department 601 “Space Systems and Rocket Engineering”, which was headed by the general designer of all Royal missiles, his closest friend, 1st deputy and “heir”, academician Vasily Pavlovich Mishin, who and finished afterwards. He was my supervisor when I entered the MAI graduate school, in which I studied from 1989 to 1993.

After graduating from the Moscow Aviation Institute, he first left to work in the same department as an employee, and then became the head of the CAD research and development group. He was engaged in various aspects of computer-aided design of rocket and space technology, as well as teaching. Since 1987, he participated in organizing the international activities of the Moscow Aviation Institute, including the NASA (USA) educational program “Teaching the future” as a teacher and specialist in aerospace education from the Soviet Union. As part of this program, he visited a number of leading US aerospace companies in 1991 as a member of the official Soviet delegation of specialists in the field of aerospace education.

In 1988, the leadership of faculty No. 6 of the Moscow Aviation Institute was directed to organize the work of the computer science department at the aerospace lyceum and aerospace school classes at the Moscow Aviation Institute, taught this discipline in the same classes (Educational Complex of the Moscow Aviation Institute “Start”). In 1990-1997, he participated in the joint project of educational ministries of the USSR (RF) and the USA, “Pilot schools”, as a methodologist and consultant in the field of “Informatics”.

In 1993 he was transferred from MAI to the Russian Open University at the Faculty of Computer Science. In 1998 he returned to teach at the Department of Applied Informatics at the Moscow Aviation Institute 609.

In 1999-2001, he participated in the Teleschool project of the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation as an author, methodologist and presenter of educational TV shows on the subject “Informatics” for high school students of the Russian Federation (broadcasting on the NTV + channel, and subsequently on the Internet) .

From the beginning of the 90s of the last century, in parallel with educational activities, he began to engage in IT business: crisis management of small and medium-sized businesses, and in October 1997, he began work as an expert consultant at the Moscow representative office of HP (Hewlett-Packard) and Leading sales consultant trainer at his Training Center. In 2006, he was forced to quit his job at HP for health reasons. Later he taught at the Moscow Aviation Institute, led the Teaching and Methodological Service of the Faculty of Advanced Information Technologies of the Academy of National Economy (now RANEPA), the Research and Training Center (now the department) of the Federal State Unitary Enterprise Research Institute Voskhod, graduating from the basic departments of ASOU (MIREA) and TRIS (MESI) ), headed postgraduate study at PJSC NPO Energomash. From 2009 to 2018, he was the General Director of SPRINT LLC (Modern Applied Information Technologies, sprintagency.com), including the New Educational TV studio and the INOT.BIZ portal of educational services. In 2018, he organized the online portal of continuing education NEWEDU24.COM with several distance learning systems, including the 3rd generation LMS Moodle, which I am currently in charge of.

In addition to teaching activities, at the Department of 609 MAI (NRU), as part of my personal initiative, I carry out testing of the author’s methodology of Interactive adaptive learning using e-learning tools, and I am developing various teaching materials (including educational videos and webinars) , new IT standards, traditional and electronic textbooks, electronic training courses (including commercial ones), research is being conducted in the field of computer law, pedagogy and psychology.

During my career I managed to create more than 160 intellectual property objects – including two IT standards, more than 80 textbooks and teaching materials for students of IT departments of technical universities and high school students, scientific and popular science materials, videos TV shows for educational purposes, including for retraining and advanced training of IT specialists. He supervised the development and operation of the Training Subsystems of the four largest state automated systems, including State Automated System “Elections” and PTS SS LG (Personnel Training, Support and Support System for Local Government). I have also developed a lot of curricula and training programs for all categories of students aged 6 to 96 years (including end-to-end education under the school-university program) – that is, for everyone except the electorate of preschool age.

In short, I lead an active lifestyle and never miss. I try to work creatively, efficiently and have fun. In my work, I try to use the most effective soft management technologies, so many employees claim that our work is not only material wealth for them, but also professional satisfaction. Therefore, if you want to join my “team” and work together in the field of IT education, e-learning or in the IT industry in the direction of ITIL – design and management of complex software and hardware systems, including application software development, I ask you not to deny yourself this desire and contact me at the following email address: igorvlasov01@gmail.com. This site provides a special service for sending an email to me.

Sincerely yours, Igor V. Vlasov