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Hobbies and leisure

The main hobby of my family is water-motor sport. My father bought the first motor boat in 1974 – “Progress-2” with the “Neptune-23” engine. An important factor for the choice was that both the motor and the boat were manufactured at aircraft manufacturing enterprises.
The boat was based on the territory of the Progress water-motor club in Moscow in the Khimki reservoir opposite the building of the Northern River Port. We walked along the Moscow Canal to the Bay of Joy and back.
And in 1978, our club was closed by order of the city leadership in connection with the upcoming Olympic Games in 1980 and we had to relocate to the southern coast of the Moscow Sea (Ivankovo ​​reservoir) in the Tver region – the urban-type settlement Novozavidovsky provided us with land for rent for 25 years. We organized a new Fregat water-motor club, using construction equipment we dug 6 canals and a protective pier on a swampy shore, started going on hiking trips along the Shosha and Volga river basins forming the Moscow Sea.
At present, our club is called the “Globe” Water and Motor Club, and we have extended the lease for the land we occupy for another 49 years. We have an official artesian well, central sewerage and shower, 24-hour security with video surveillance, warehouses, boathouses. Several times our club was the organizer of the Moscow regatta, and in recent years we have been organizing the Shoshinsky Reach motorcycle race once every two years. These competitions are held in the waters of the Moscow Sea directly opposite the territory of our club.
Near the territory of the VMK is the Gardening Non-Profit Partnership, where my wife and I bought a small summer house for summer holidays. Every year we spend a lot of time in the country, periodically going fishing and swimming in a motor boat to the Volga. If the situation at work allows, we try to choose the time and the whole family to live 2-3 weeks on a desert Volga island without any connection with civilization.
My other hobbies are theater, literature, travel, photography and video shooting with the subsequent installation of videos and slide shows.