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Philosophy of the universe

About the structure of the Universe in the history of our civilization has been written as much as about no other problem. It also confuses the infinity of the Universe, and the Big Bang theory, and the accelerated expansion of the Universe, and dark energy …. In short, it confuses everything that we supposedly know about it. About your home.
There are theories that the Universe is a hologram, that the Universe is a large-scale hallucination, that the Universe is a living organism …
But besides the materialistic approach, there is also a religious one – the Universe and all its components are Divine creation, a manifestation of exclusively Divine will.
There are a huge number of adherents of each of these and many other theories, which suggests that no one really knows the nature and principles of the functioning (life) of the Universe. Therefore, I, a person limited in my mind, also want to speak out on this subject.