Igor V. Vlasov website

A few words to site visitors

Hello dear site visitors!

My name is Igor V. Vlasov and this is my personal site.

I apologize for the incompleteness of the information posted, but I have to fill the site only in my free time, and since I have little free time, this process is greatly extended in time. And although the site already contains quite a lot of information, there is still more to be done. Moreover, a lot of information was lost in the haze of the past tense, so finding its traces is very, very difficult. It looks like this is an occupation for several years – the current university and business activities interfere with the work with the site in a very specific way.

In addition, in 2019 I started another project – the VELIS Internet video and e-learning system, posted on the NEWEDU24.COM educational portal. Their administration, preparation of teaching materials, conducting classes and consultations with students of Moscow universities and colleges, schoolchildren, teachers and IT specialists take up almost all of my time.

Unfortunately, I can not present all my developments on this site – many developments were made under contracts containing a position prohibiting their publication outside the customers’ resources. By the way, do not be surprised that some works are not signed with my first and last name – in some cases I have used creative pseudonyms.

In short, updating this site is my headache, but an important task. Good luck and all the best!

Igor Vlasov